Volunteer -  The role of a 'befriender' is to provide some company and social conversation and to be a link to the local community. 


+ Befrienders can sit and chat or engage in some activity that the person enjoys, perhaps reading a book with them or listening to music. 

+ Befrienders visit alone or if they prefer, with a partner which sometimes makes conversation easier and provides 'cover' for holiday times. 

+ Befrienders do not get involved in carrying out any other tasks such as shopping, lifting people, or household activities. 

+ Other services are in place which could meet these needs.     


Requirements and Profile of Volunteers

+ Must be over 18 years old. 

+ Must provide the names of two referees - i.e. clergy, employer, someone of standing in the community. 

+ Disclosure and Barring Clearance is a requirement (Churches Together will apply for this on behalf of volunteer). 

+ Friendly, tolerant disposition - able to chat and get on with people